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Memorial created 04-9-2006 by
Linda Lewis
Jerry "Grant" Lewis
December 19 1979 - January 17 2006

The school at Licking planted a tree in memory of Grant. 05/06 Grant, Every day I pass by the school and look at the beauty of nature in the tree that was so lovingly planted in your memory. I will always remember Mr. Denbow telling me about the strength I would gain by watching the small tree grow into a beautiful, strong adult tree that would constantly remind us of you and your strength. Your presence at the school will never be forgotten. Love, Mom


May 2006 Sister Ashton at the AIDS Project of the Ozarks annual RED RIBBON Bike Ride fund raiser. Grant was honored and remembered at the event with his picture hanging at the pub where the after-ride gathering took place. Grant was one of the first clients of APO in 1991 at the age of 11.


The 4th of July was always Grant's favorite holiday. He spent many hundreds of $$$$$ making sure that the skies were lit up for his enjoyment and his family and friends. We always had a barbeque day with his friends and our family and would spend a good couple of hours watching the fireworks explode in the night sky. This year, 2006, we honored Grant and wanted to THANK him for giving us those memories so we took the 4th of July to the cemetery to him! We invited his friends and our family to come celebrate Grant's precious life and to say "Thank You" to him. Those who could not be with us (friends and family from all across the nation) simultaneously lit a firework in his memory at 9:00 PM CST and lit up the sky with our love for Grant!!!! Those who could not send up fireworks due to state laws sent cyber fireworks by email. Thank you to everyone!!!


Lighting the sparklers were the first! It was awesome and very moving!!




Getting ready for one of the BIG ONES!!!! Here's to You Grant!!!!!!!!!!!


Caught some of the beauty in the air!!! Not an easy task. Notice the bright red on the left in the explosion cluster and the bright red on the right...Think that might be Grant smiling? I sure do!!!!!!!!


Grant's sisters, cousins and friends look on and send cheers and love to the skies!!!


4th of July 2006 Invitation!!!


Grant's good friends, Kim and Will were married on September 30, 2006. They remembered Grant at their wedding by adding his name on their wedding program (pictured front and back). The minister mentioned Grant and others who were with them in spirit during the service. There was also a toast made in memory at the reception by another friend Katey Clancey. I gave Will a remembrance button with Grant's picture on it that he wore inside his tux lapel over his heart. THANK YOU KIM AND WILL FOR LOVING AND REMEMBERING GRANT. I KNOW HE WAS SMILING DOWN UPON YOU THAT DAY AND IS WITH YOU ALWAYS. Grant's Family


AIDS Project of the Ozarks (APO) AIDS WALK 2006 October 14, 2006 The walk this year was in Grant's Memory. Ashton, Grant's sister holding the poster of Grant that hangs in the APO office. Ashton carried the picture and led the walk with over 300 people following.


At the 2006 AIDS WALK, Springfield, MO Left to right beginning with the little one: Ellie, Friend Jackie (Ellie's mom), myself, Ashton and Nathan (Ashton's boyfriend)and Nathan is holding Gizmo. In center front is MaKayla, Grant's little sister.


The Walk, October 14th, 2006. The local news did a segment on the AIDS Walk and on Grant at 10pm that evening. THANK YOU APO FOR REMEMBERING GRANT!!!


Halloween 2006


Christmas 2006 Our first Christmas without Grant was very hard but we made it through. We made a grave blanket for him and placed it on his birthday which was December 19. Several of Grant's friends sent letters and we had a peace fire that sent all the letters and messages up in smoke to the skies. Our plan was to have his headstone set by now but the weather has been too bad and the cemetery ground is too soft.


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