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Memorial created 04-9-2006 by
Linda Lewis
Jerry "Grant" Lewis
December 19 1979 - January 17 2006

Ashton and Grant August 2003 "BROTHERS MAKE THE BEST FRIENDS" God gave me a brother To teach me about life He loves and aggrevates me And gives me strength and strife Thank goodness for big brothers They are as special as can be Don't mess with my big brother Or you'll have to mess with me.


Grant and his 7th grade basketball team. This is when Grant was discriminated against from other schools who did not want to play his team because he had HIV.


Grant and Camp Heartland founder and his friend, Neil Willenson at camp session in Malibu, CA 1995


Grant with Grandpa Lewis and little sister MaKayla (Peanut) on Father's Day 2003


High school graduation party. Celebrating with cousin Robbie


Friends, Jake and Andre and sister Ashton Thanksgiving 2003


Friend Jake -- Home On Leave from Korea and getting ready to go to England. Thanksgiving 2003


Camp Heartland 1997 Grant, Sami, Jackie and Ashton


Shooting Hoops 1992


Age 2 -- the age Grant became infected with HIV from contaminated blood products


JUNIOR PROM Grant and Steph


"NAKED BABY" 5 months old


Grant -- Kindergarten We could never decide if he looked like Bert from Sesame Street or Opie Taylor!!!!!!


Senior Prom Grant and Steph again!!!!


Senior Prom snapshots!!


Grant and his boy cousins at a family gathering. Grant and 2 of his cousins have hemophilia, he was the only one with HIV.


"BROTHER HUGS" Blake and Grant


Grant's 15th Birthday with surprise friend Willie.


The "Many Faces of Grant" over the years, #1


The "Many Faces of Grant" #2


The "Many Faces of Grant" #3


Lazy Summer 1997 with cousins Kelcey and Lindsey




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