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Memorial created 04-9-2006 by
Linda Lewis
Jerry "Grant" Lewis
December 19 1979 - January 17 2006

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08-12-2006 7:54 PM -- By: Theresa Reichenbach,  From: Bradenton, FL  


Beautiful tribute to an awesome angel. My heart & prayers are with you.

Our angels are walking streets of gold.

God Bless, Theresa, Michael's Mom

08-12-2006 7:21 PM -- By: Christine,  From: Scotland  

I am so very sorry for the loss of your son Grant. He was such a very special young man who walked tall and proud.

You have created a very beautiful site in Grant's memory and I thank you for sharing your precious Grant with me.

My love and thoughts are with you.

Christine Deborahs Mum www.rememberingdeborah.com

08-11-2006 9:09 AM -- By: ,  From: Canada  

Your guestbook text appears below: Hi Linda. You should be very proud to have made such a wonderful site for yourself and everyone else to see and enjoy. As a parent I know the pain that you went and are still going through; it is always the hardest for the ones that are left behind, I\'m however certain that where he went is a much better place, may god bless you all. You made a most awesome and wonderful website. I really enjoyed myself visiting your delightful pages. If you find the time to visit our site, would you please jot down in our guest book what you think of our pages. Thank you for the opportunity of visiting your excellent site. May god bless you and all your family. Take Care, Elsa and Adrian :-).

08-09-2006 10:03 PM -- By: Angie Lessick,  From: Victoria, B.C., Canada  

I don't understand why some are taken, why some suffer so much. I can only trust that for whatever reason, this is how it is supposed to be. Grant seems like such a courageous, strong person. My heart is with you. I know how hard it is (believe me!) but you must concentrate on the wonderful things in his life. And it seems like there are so many to choose from! And I firmly believe that he is still here with you. Loving you. Angie Matthew's Mom 1971-1999 sudden unexpected heart attack

08-08-2006 9:46 PM -- By: Terry Reillyx,  From: London, England UK  

Dear Linda, What a truly beautiful memorial, for a Truly beautiful and brave young man, i'm very sorry for you and your loving family loss, May you rest in peace Grant, God Bless Terry Reilly x

08-08-2006 1:14 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa  

Dear Linda, What a great website, I just love the way you did the scapbooking, now I know what you mean. Grant was an adoring and loving son and friend. May he rest in peace and hope he will meet Joey and they can become friends as we have.

Love,Terrie (Joey's Mom)

08-07-2006 6:05 PM -- By: Shaye Creamer (GP),  From: Salem, AL USA  

Dear ((Linda~Grant)), What a beautiful tribute to your gorgeous Angel son. My heartfelt prayers, thoughts, love, hugs, and Blessings are with you as you mourn for your precious Angel Grant. What a brave & special child you raised. Such a cutie pie! Your child will live forever in the stories you tell. Thank you for allowing me to visit and for sharing your precious Grant with me. I am honored to read about him and his brave journey through his short life. My heart aches for you and your family. He is always near you ~ in the whispers in the wind and a crowd, through the breeze even when none is present. he is forever in ALL the details, just as God is. Showers of white roses and red hearts fall from Heaven as ^i^Grant bestows you with his love and wraps you up so tight in his celestial embrace. You do your Angel Grant proud as he did you. Thank you for letting me read and share your son's life. Shine on in the light sweet Angel! Peace, prayers, love, hugs, and Blessings. Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever (brutally murdered at 17 www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com

08-07-2006 12:30 PM -- By: Maureen, Danny's Mom,  From: PA  

Thank you for sharing Grant's life with us. I'm so sorry for your loss.

08-07-2006 12:41 AM -- By: Lyn- Keiths mom,  From: Bridgewater, NJ  

I have just spent the last hour reading all you have written on Grants web site..........Simply wonderful. I feel like I know him and all his hard work..May God give you strength to have peace and continue his wonderful work. What a marvelous tribute to Grant and his life.

Hugs and prayers, Lyn- Keiths mom, from GP

07-31-2006 12:36 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

Dear Linda, What a beautiful tribute to Grant, I am so sorry to hear about Grant's tragic illness. I'm so glad you found GP and Virtual Memorials.

I'm sure Joey has met Grant by now and have become good friends.

May Grant Rest In Peace.

Love,Terrie (Joey's Mom)

07-31-2006 8:20 AM -- By: Shelley Topf,  From: Rocky Hill, CT  

The love and pride you have for Grant is evident in every page of your memorial to him. What a beautiful and courageous boy/man he was, giving so much to others. I know that the angels in heaven are busy putting him to work there, too.

My daughter Amy passed away almost 3 years ago, from an unknown genetic heart defect. One day she was "fine and healthy" and the next day she was gone. Amy was 25 years and 8 days old. We miss her and long for her every minute of every day.

Wishing you peace and beautiful dreams and memories....


07-27-2006 6:37 PM -- By: Jessica,  From: Sacramento, California  

I came across the link to Grant's page at the angel connection web site...I lost my 2 year old in March of this year and this is what has led me here. Although our stories are different I understand the depths of sorrow that come with these losses. My most comforting thoughts come when I envision my girl sitting with God...I hope you and your family are able to find a way to let peace back into your hearts. I strongly feel that God knows just what is going on down here and will right the wrongs in his way. I will pray for your family tonight. Jessica

07-27-2006 8:34 AM -- By: LeeAnn,  From: RI  

I'm so sorry for your loss--his was truly a brave battle to the end. I can't imagine losing a child, especially in such a tragic manner. I went through the memory pages and had tears rolling down--there must be such a void in the family and amongst his friends....he was just a young man with his whole life ahead of him.....God bless you all and I will keep you in my prayers....LeeAnn~*

07-23-2006 11:24 PM -- By: Judi Fisher,  From: New Jersey  

Linda, I just visited with your handsome Grant and I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have met such a beautiful soul as he. I am sure you are so proud of your sweet boy and all that his life stood for. I am so very sorry for the loss of his precious life, but I know that he is shining down on you from Heaven and watching over all of you. You are all in my heart and in my prayers. God bless you. In friendship and love, Judi, Andrew's Mom

07-18-2006 9:32 PM -- By: Jennifer Cross,  From: Baton Rouge, LA  

I don’t exactly remember the first time that I met Grant; I think it was in Washington D.C. at the Justice house. I had lost my brother, Brad recently and I went with my parents to help lobby for the Ricky Ray bill. I was so frighten to leave my parents side but that changed when I met Grant. He just sort of took me under his wing or maybe it was those “crystal blue eyes.” I was scared at the rally but when I saw all those amazing people standing on those steps that led to the capitol, something changed. A community of amazing people came together to fight for their justice and their life. I remember watching Grant at the podium speaking up and giving his all for his community. The next thing I knew I was standing in front of everyone with a microphone holding up my brother’s picture! Every meeting after that we hung out, usually trying to sneak away from our parents to do what he enjoyed most, smoke cigarettes! Grant had this incredible spirit; besides those blue eyes…he had a grin that could light a room up like fireworks! I like to think of Grant, Ryan, Kenny and even my brother of the young pioneers. Since we always tagged along with our parents and many others, the pioneers! Although my brother had already passed, his spirit was in me. When I think of all that they did and gave up in order to fight and help others, it amazes me still to this day. I don’t think that I’ll ever truly be able to speak of their incredible courage and strength. That’s the thing about my “young pioneers,” giving up wasn’t an option for them. They may not have been able to play football and they may not have looked strong on the outside but it was what was inside that mattered. And inside them and through my eyes they were as strong as any football player and as brave as any solider. They did everything possible to help their community; whether it was going on national television, quitting their sports team so that their friends could play, they opened many eyes that had been closed towards AIDS and Hemophilia. I am now 26 years old and all my young pioneer friend have all passed on to a better place. I wrote once that my brother, Brad was a gift from God, a lesson that had to be taken back. I truly believe that Grant, Ryan and Kenny were also a gift as well as a lesson of God. They were all a gift for so many reasons. Even though each of them were unique in their own way. Of course there are so many gifts that they gave those who knew them and who didn’t. They taught us how to live life to the fullest and to enjoy it. Which is of course one of the many things that Grant taught me. He knew not just how to live but how to enjoy it. Maybe it was those blue eyes that were like a crystal ball or a telescope, just one look into them and you saw life. The gift that I treasure the most is their incredible ability to not only keep smiling through the pain but how they made us smile. Some might say that it was simply because they all had a smile worth a million dollars. As I write this, I am smiling because I know that they are all looking down on me probably saying how corny I am being! Grant could make you smile with his unique and clever stubbornness, his zest for life but most importantly it was that grin that he flashed at you and could not only light up a room like fireworks but could make you melt! Ryan could make you smile with his clever yet goofy personality, nothing stopped him then again who want to, he made you smile no matter what was going on. As for Kenny, well I could say maybe it was those incredible long beautiful eyelashes that he had like my brother. As I write this I think of the time that we successfully managed to get a teen retreat for Louisiana hemophiliac’s teens or siblings. He had been sick and wasn’t sure if he could make it but he did. He had everyone at that retreat laughing and smiling for the entire weekend. You never knew what he was going to say next, but you knew that you were guaranteed to laugh and smile! And my brother, Brad, well I’ll just say that their was period when his health was decline that anytime he was in the car, everyone on the road got the finger, needless to say we got plenty of honks!

There are so many memories and so much more that I could say about my “young pioneers.” Most importantly Grant, Ryan, Kenny and Brad’s courage, strength, devotion and their zest for life will continue forever to not only remind me but each person that knew them as well as those who will hear about my young pioneers how to truly live a precious life.

I am so honored to have known Grant, Ryan, Kenny and my brother. Most importantly, we must all never allow them or their strength, battles, and their lives be forgotten.

07-17-2006 3:36 PM -- By: Karen Cross,  From: Prairieville, La.  

Grant was a fine young man. I watched him grow up fighting for the rights and recognition of the hemophilia community affected by AIDS. He was a special young man respected by everyone who met him. He is now with the other angels who fought this battle with him. Always remembered and never forgotten! Love, Karen

07-17-2006 2:15 PM -- By: Melany Gilbert,  From: Missouri  

A wonderful tribute to your son.

07-06-2006 8:26 AM -- By: Cyssi,  From: NC  

What an incredibly beautiful memorial you have made here for Grant! I am saddened by his suffering and your loss... yet I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to come by your web site and learn a bit about Grant as well as feel the love that you have in your heart for him... Thank you so much for sharing you precious Grant with us!

Wishing you love, peace and healing... Cyssi Rinck, Editor/Creator The Angel Connection A Newsletter And Support Group For Bereaved Parent's Since 1995

"If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane. I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again.

07-05-2006 11:59 PM -- By: Diane Whelton,  From: Boston  

Love your website. Beautiful. My Angel was 24 years when someone took his life here on Earth. His angel date is June 15, 2005. My son loved tatoo's and had several, but the one he believed in so much was his Faith and Destiny one around his wrist. I said a prayer for Grant that perhaps he'll meet my David. I take things one day at a time. God Bless your family. Grant sounds like a wonderful man.

07-05-2006 6:36 PM -- By: Michelle Gunter,  From: Success, Mo.  

Linda~ You are doing a great job continuing what Grant had started for his peers. Stick with it!! Michelle

07-04-2006 4:38 AM -- By: jeffro wyda,  From: camp heartland  

my friend I miss you deeply,but your spirit lives inside me. I will continue to fight for the rest of my life to make a difference in this world. You have always inspired me and our times together will never leave my thoughts. my life will never be the same having known you. I love you brother!

07-03-2006 12:46 PM -- By: doug coffelt,  From: tennessee  


07-03-2006 9:47 AM -- By: Rita Lalla,  From: Johannesburg South Africa  

My heartfelt condolences on the sad passing of an obviously unique and courageous young man in the prime of his life. The world is a sadder place without him, may His precious soul rest in eternal peace and joy in the Everlasting Arms of Our God Almighty. May God give all his loved ones comfort, courage and consolation, and bless your hearts with His Holy Peace. In my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Rita.

07-03-2006 2:07 AM -- By: Cathy W.,  From: Calif.  

Grant was such a special person to grace this earth with his soul.... Loved by so many and missed so deeply by all. Thank you for sharing his beautiful life even after his death. I am just sure that he is happy, and healthy in heaven looking down and watching over his family and friends. "We will remember"...... forever in our hearts.

May God hold Grant gently in His loving arms until you are together again. And may God cradle and comfort your heats...

With Love and Compassion, Cathy W. Chris' mom forever 1984-2001

07-02-2006 9:05 PM -- By: Dianna,  From: West Texas  

Your website is a great tribute to your son. I am sorry for your loss, and I hope your beautiful memories of Grant will be a comfort to you. The good he has done will go on without end. You will see him again, and the next time, there will be no goodbyes. Dianna

07-01-2006 6:51 PM -- By: francisgreywolf,  From: England  

With such a wonderful and compassionate mother it is no surprise that Grant was the remarkable person he was. He lives on in the memory of all who knew him with his bravery and strength being an inspiration to others who suffer the same illness. We never met but having seen your wonderful tribute to him and how inspiring it is I join you in your prayers and pray for his soul and know that his spirit will always be with you. Francis Grey Wolf

07-01-2006 5:21 PM -- By: Tonya Hountingwolf Billington,  From: UK, Staines  

I am very very amazed of this gorgeos young man, who fought so much, without complaining.From what I saw on the pictures and from the words from his family and friends, he must be absolutly loving and encouraging person.It brought tears to me, how brave he went through that. And I am very sure, that he is still there with his loving family. And his spirit will live on. I did not know him, but his actions encouraged myself now, to help to find out more about this illness, to maybe help others with it.I will enclude Grant in my prayers to the angels, that his spirit will be settled. Very many thanks to Linda to showing me this very wonderful memorial for Grant. Very touched about it. Thanks again.Greetings Tonya Hountingwolf

06-30-2006 12:51 PM -- By: Norma,  From: England  

In Grant's first picture, he looked out at me and connected - we are not gone, only gone on.

06-30-2006 12:18 PM -- By: John P. Rider,  From: Massachusetts  

Grant was a friend of mine that I got to know through my work as the national advocate for the Committee of Ten Thousand. He was young leader within the hemophilia community that I watched grow up into a fine young man who was willing to take the risks of being an AIDS activist as one who lived with HIV. Being a public figure admidst discrimination and bigotry in a mid-western state is not an easy thing to do, but Grant did it very well. He was someone who was fully human and lived his life to the fullest. He was real with who he was and helped others to realize what was important in life. I will miss him as my friend and was blessed to have known him on my life journey. May his spirit know peace and may he be smiling at the day of Divine Judgement for those who put profit ahead of his life.

with loving friendship,

John P. Rider COTT HIV/AIDS/HCV advocate

06-29-2006 4:32 PM -- By: Kathy Ackerman,  From: Illinois  

Just stopping by to visit this beautiful angel's website, Such a handsome wonderful man (boy) to us moms. God Bless You my frined and keep your chin up Hugs Kathy Ackerman (Brandons mom( www.brandon-ackerman.virtual-memorials.com


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