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Memorial created 04-9-2006 by
Linda Lewis
Jerry "Grant" Lewis
December 19 1979 - January 17 2006

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06-20-2007 3:38 PM -- By: Frieda,  From: Cabool  

Linda, I was just thinking about Grant and searched his name to see what I could find about him. I am very glad I stumbled onto this site. Most of my memories of Grant are from his birth through early teen years, but they are all good memories. As I read the postings I discovered you are a new Grandma. Congrats. We are expecting a new grand daughter in Sept. Grandbabies are great! Love, Frieda

06-17-2007 9:21 PM -- By: Oscar Davis,  From: Vienna MO  

Lewis family, I am terribly sorry for your loss i was there at your house days befor he past i didnt even get to know Grant until i was at the funeral and everyone told me how great of a person he was and about a year and a half later i find this wonderful web site that makes me feel like he was another God just for the people that beleived in him as he did in them i know you prolly dont remeber me but i will keep you in my prayers forever and always reember that God took that presious young man and is doing his work with him and he will dwell in all of our hearts forever!!!

Thanks for introduceing your son and brother into our lives he is a very special young man and we will all miss him so!!!! Just know he is in a better place. Oscar Davis

06-12-2007 2:53 AM -- By: Jacob's Mum,  From: Queensland Australia  

Dear Linda Thank you so much for the beautiful gift you made for my Jacob's Birthday and Angel day you will never know how much they mean to me Thank you for remembering My Aussie Angel Love Jacob's Mum www.caringbridge.org/me/jacob

05-28-2007 6:32 PM -- By: Jacob's Mum,  From: Queensland Australia  

Dear grant's Mum Thank you so Much for the beautiful memorial gift for my Jacob it was so sweet of you to remember My Jake I hope you and your family had a wonderful Memorial weekend full of lovely Memories of your Grant with love always Jacob's Mum www.caringbridge.org/me/jacob

05-23-2007 12:20 AM -- By: Colleen,  From: Minnesota  

What a beautiful site, I am from AWOG, my son Jack had Cerebral Palsy, and drowned in our lake on June 15th, 2006. Grants story brought me tears, my fiancee Dave, also born in 1979, met me in 2003, I also was his "first love". I am 6 years older than him, but as Grant was with his girlfriend, we are inseperable. He has become a wonderful father to my three sons - Jack Dominic and Frankie. I will never forget your sons handsome face and courageous journey. Thank you for sharing him with us. Colleen ~jackiebearsmommy~

05-22-2007 5:59 PM -- By: Kristen,  From: Rolla  

Grant, Although I only knew you for a short time, I wanted to let you know that over the years I've thought about you frequently and I will never forget you. You leave a lasting impression on everyone in your life.

05-21-2007 10:41 AM -- By: Mandie,  From: St. James  

Hey Sorry it's been so long Grant. Theres no exuse why i havent wrote. but i just want to say hey and i miss you so much! life just isnt the same now that your gone. I really mis you! and i'll try to write later! Mandie

05-13-2007 1:47 AM -- By: Dj,  From: Aek  

My thoughts and prayers are with U as Mother's Day approaches .I pray a peaceful day for all Moms who have lost an angel. Lu, Dj

05-10-2007 1:47 AM -- By: Amanda Blair,  From: Licking  

I never really talked to Grant but I have talked about his struggle often with friends and family from out of state. I told my husband about him. I am happy that he was able to live his life to the fullest, even though it was cut to short. This page made me feel like I was one of his friends and I am now crying out of sadness probably but also out of happiness for the fact that Grant is still able to touch people even in his passing his legacy will live on with a family like his. Thank you for all the effort that you have and will continue to give to educate young people about HIV/AIDS.

04-29-2007 6:20 PM -- By: Shaye Creamer ^i^Mack's Mom,  From: Salem, AL USA  

Beautiful Child in Heaven Grant Keep shining your glorious light. Keep Mom embraced in your celestial wings of Love, warmth & healing. Keep sending her amazing signs and let her FEEL your presence always. Keeping you forever in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. God Bless you! Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com

04-27-2007 4:22 PM -- By: Natalie,  From:  

Handsome Grant, I have not visited in awhile, but I was thinking of your bravery, uplifting spirit and love for life and had to come and see you. Your mom is doing such great things in your honor. I know how proud you are of her. Send her lots of signs and visit her in her dreams. She is truely a great person.

04-19-2007 6:42 PM -- By: Jacob's Mum,  From: Queensland Australia  

Dear Grant's family I have been following a young boys story on caringbridge his name is brock he also has HIV www.caringbridge.org/visit/brock

love Jacob's Mum www.caringbridge.org/me/jacob

04-19-2007 6:39 PM -- By: Jacob's Mum,  From: Queensland Australia  

Dear Grant's family I have just read your amazing son's story ..he has so much strength I'm so sorry for your loss now he is in heaven healthy and happy no more pain or illness fly high Grant with Love Jacob's Mum www.caringbridge.org/me/jacob ^i^Jake our Aussie Angel

04-15-2007 4:39 PM -- By: Lee,  From: Florida  

I have seen your memorial and slide show and must say that it taught me Love. I am a health Educator and I have used Grant as one of my Heroes when I teach HIV courses. I am so touched by him and his accomplishments. You should be so proud. I promise to always remember this young man and treat his memory with the utmost respect. Thank You.

04-07-2007 12:02 PM -- By: Shaye Creamer ^i^Mack's Mom,  From: Salem, AL USA  

Happy Easter Beautiful Child in Heaven Grant! How jealous I am not to be there with you during this Holy Season! Shine your glorious light precious Angel! Keeping you forever close in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. God Bless You! Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com "Death does not end a Love/relationship, Just how we communicate."

04-05-2007 11:25 PM -- By: Tiffini,  From: Salem  

My sweet Grant...Sorry I wasn't there in the end, but you have always been in my heart and forever will be. I know one day I will meet you in the air, until then I will be missing you!! All my love, Tiff

04-05-2007 4:35 PM -- By: lindascarpa,  From: staten island NY  

Hi Grant just came by to wish you a Happy Easter in Heaven. Know my prayers and thoughts are always with you angel. say Hi to my angel Joey. Love you both so much. Bless you angel . lindajoeysmom

04-03-2007 1:21 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

Hi My Little Easter Bunny,

Hoping you will have a wonderful Easter and watch all that candy the Easter Bunny's bringing to you and all the angels. Having fun? You better tell Joey to send me some signs or are you guys too busy for us Moms? Your Mom is just too good to be true. So glad we met (kind of), hope I will one day. Love,Terrie (Joey's Mom)

03-28-2007 1:25 PM -- By: lindascarpa,  From: staten island NY  

Dear angel Grant. im crying now after visiting your beautiful memorial . so much love for you and your family. My heart is broken grant, and i know how hard it is living here without our sons. My son Joey is your angel friend. Your mom made a beautiful easter gift for my Joey. you have a great mom Grant. cant stop crying. Just want you to know you are a handsome young angel. God Bless you dear Grant. and know i am thinking of you everyday. as i do all our angels. lindajoeysmom

03-03-2007 11:06 AM -- By: Beth Hall,  From: TN  

Linda, Thank you so much for Hayes' beautiful gift. I wanted to stop by and visit Grant again. Thank you for sharing his memories with me.

02-27-2007 7:25 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

Hi Grant,

Just traveling thru Virtual Memorials and wanted to say hi to you.

Keep sending those hugs to your Mom and tell Joey to send me more pennies like the other day.

Love, Terrie (Joey's Mom)

02-24-2007 4:14 AM -- By: Hesper Hance,  From: Licking,Mo  

I was Blessed to have been given the chance to meet one of the bravest and funniest,people i have ever met.Grant was a true breath of fresh air.He was one of the realist people you could of known.It still surprises me of the battles he faced every day.Grant as i have said at your grave many times,I MISS YOU.GRANT YOU MADE SO MANY PEOPLE WANT TO BE BETTER PEOPLE.YOU WERE A TRUE BLESSING.THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND. HESPER HANCE

02-20-2007 1:35 PM -- By: Kelly Noriega,  From: Austin, Texas  

Linda, I am honored to have this opportunity to get to know your incredible son, Grant. You have done a wonderful job with his website and I know he must have been so proud to call you mom. I admire you for sharing your painful experience with the world as I know it will educate and save lives. May peace and love surround you always. Love, Kelly and Angel Chad

02-14-2007 10:21 PM -- By: Donna Volkert,  From: St. Louis, Mo  

Linda Thinking of you and your angel Grant today. I hope its been a peaceful Valentine's Day. Donna

02-14-2007 8:07 PM -- By: Angie Hendrickson,  From: Wisconsin  

Sending my love! Hug EVERYONE for me! Angie

02-14-2007 6:36 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

Hi Sweet Grant,

Came by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.

Love,Terrie (Joey's Mom)

02-01-2007 1:42 PM -- By: Vaughn Ripley,  From: Brunswick, MD  

Hi, I recently had my 20 year anniversary of living with HIV as a hemophiliac and I suppose I came across this site during my soul searching. It breaks my heart to find so much pain... I just wanted to let you know that you all are not alone. This cursed disease has not only destroyed, it has also created many lasting relationships. I will keep your family in my prayers. Love, Vaughn

01-30-2007 4:51 PM -- By: Monika,  From: Mo  

Linda I was visiting your sweet son Grant today, he is such a handsome young man. you hazve made a beauitful memorial to Grant but done a fanastic Job of relating his tragic story as well I pray that things will change and no other child will have go thru what Grant went thru or what you are going thru now. God bless your aching heart. Love Monika Josh's mom 4 ever www.joshuahedglin.com

01-28-2007 1:52 PM -- By: Linda Lewis,  From: Licking, MO  

My Precious Grant, It doesn't seem like it has been over a year ago that you left us. Time has surely gone fast. Have you checked out how many people loved you and miss you? I miss your smile and your morning coffee breaks watching ESPN and FOX NEWS all the time arguing with the TV. I miss our long talks about whatever was on our minds and all our laughs together. I am trying to remember you in a way that you would approve although I know that you didn't like all the attention you always got. You deserved every bit of it and yes, you are a HERO to so many. You will be an uncle in just a few short weeks and I know that you will help us to guide little Adrian in the right way. Our love is constant for you and will never leave. Be at peace and give Grandpa and Uncle Roger and everyone else there a big hug and kiss. Loving you forever, Mom

01-28-2007 12:20 PM -- By: Patricia Ingram,  From: vandalia, il  

Although I was not able to attend Grant's funeral or memorial service, I was very sadden to hear the news of his passing. Grant was forever smiling and always taught me that you should never take anything for "grant"ed. Please know that he made an impact in my life and you were blessed to have him. As I was blessed just to have known him.


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